• Positive, easy to talk to, accessible, less effort to reach agreements


  • Interprovincial indentured tradesmen with continued Post Secondary training – Certified CCA
  • Gold Seal and a member in good standing of CCA, SMACNA, ASHRAE


  • Great opportunities for advancement!
  • Large full service manufacturing facility
  • Computer integrated processes
  • Estimating and budgeting
  • Comprehensive employee benefit package
  • Cost Consulting – Project administration
  • Project Management
  • Construction Management
  • Compliant to LEED Platinum
  • CAD – 3D
  • Communication – management and foremen have blackberry technology , some have tablets – electronic document processing
  • Computer aided Lockformer Plasma cutting table and CNC software
  • Shipping and receiving control
  • Friendly and descriptive accounting processes
  • Interference drawings – BIM
  • Service department
  • Special projects division
  • Research and development
  • Comprehensive Safety program – PPE provisions,COR Certified
  • Information Technology
  • Large Scale scanning and printing services
  • Employee Appreciation Luncheon and outings
  • West Air Apparel and sponsorship
  • Cost sharing or reimbursement of trade school and course fees
  • Employee/foremen training and retreats
  • Ongoing continuous improvements in our process


  • in our community –We can provide our goods and services on goodwill to organizations in need


  • we run lean with simple processes to manage projects effectively and keep prices low


  • A true team cooperation approach – Upper management offices are always open – no appointment necessary


  • Full backup of costs, employee and customer feedback encouraged in the decision making process


  • Belief in the strength of relationships. We admit when we error and make things right.


  • of what you need for you and your customer


  • Full time safety officer, CSTS, First Aid – COR Certified

West Air Culture

We understand you have many choices on where to buy and where to work. We want to earn your business and want our employees to feel safe and secure.
At West Air we engage in professional conduct to community standards of honesty, reasonableness and fairness.
All our work is in accordance with Provincial and National Building Code, NFPA, SMACNA, ASHRAE, OHandS, LEED and municipal codes for the jurisdiction having authority.
We are prequalified with Alberta Health Services on Category I,II,III level projects. Alberta Infrastructure, Provincial school boards, Research, Recreation, Food service, Manufacturing, Processing, Lab facilities and more.We have been specified on projects as the standard of acceptance.
We insist on positive conduct in all aspects of our business.
Our motto is “KISS” Keep it simple, it’s sheet metal! We keep the relationship with our customers and employees a simple and honest one. In actuality the sheet metal and ventilation scope of work is a highly specialized trade scope and requires years of experience, ongoing training, extensive knowledge of engineering, manufacturing and installation. Pricing a sheet metal project is determined on a combination of factors including project conditions, project type, proportion of duct, proportion of fittings, number and sizes of components, seperated by types and gauges of steel, with a combination of wholesale pricing, length, area, weight, and project experience. Values go through a review process in accordance with the specifications to compile a competitive bid. We use computer digitizer and on screen technology to provide accuracy and the best price possible. A competitive quote requires multiple tasks, with several people and is essential to provide the right cost/benefit for the end user - who we will be serving. We stay on top of the competitive and commodity market trends daily to offer the best pricing possible.
We manufacture in five dimensions - length, width, depth,time and cost. We have to account for angles, orientation of fittings, restrictions, types of joints, hangers and sealants, collision avoidance, loading and staging. Our scope of work is of utmost importance to the mechanical system as ductwork is the largest component. Clean air is essential to a healthy environment. West Air manufacturers and installs quality period. We care about our reputation. Every employee is taught to care and appreciate building owners who provide our families a livelihood and we will not let them down.
Our culture is simple – Positively serve our customers and employees so they feel they made the right decision choosing West Air.