Ventilation and Sheet Metal

  • West Air provides four-season services in its trademark HVAC365™ home and building maintenance program
  • Proper Ventilation is essential to health, comfort and energy efficiency
  • West Air ensures ducts are adequately designed, sealed, dampered and cleaned to ensure the best performance
  • The equipment selection process is carefully reviewed for the right balance of capacity vs value
  • Dust Collection and Material Distribution is our specialty. We understand the nuances associated with these scopes of work to ensure maximum efficiency in this process. When particulate is involved, the requirements are stringent and exceedingly precise.    
  • Problems and Challenges during renovations or construction are normal, therefore we seek out and work with people who believe in a relationship of professionalism, honesty, reasonableness, fairness, mutual respect, understanding and goodness. We invest in positive relationships.  

Custom Manufacturing

  • West Air manufactures a vast offering of steel products from sheet metal to 3/16” thick
  • Our coil line can provide cut to lengths products exceeding 10ft as necessary
  • Galvanized, Satin Coat, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Prefinished metal is available
  • We provide duct products to contractors seeking “Intelligent Ductwork”. We spend the time with our customers to understand what the intended purpose is and provide expert assistance and duct coordination support. We will provide assistance from years of experience and training with suggestions on how to improve on their duct design to minimize field time and maximize quality and efficiency. We are not merely order takers, we are sheet metal professionals who have the expertise to invest in our customers.
  • Our products are shipped throughout Canada and the U.S.A.   

Service, Maintenance and Repairs

  • You can trust West AIr to look after your home and facility for all maintenance related matters especially asset and property management.
  • Our team will take the full facility management role to the least or most extensive amount needed.

Our Vendor Team