The West Air Leadership Team - Caring and Committed

Our strength is our inclusivity, diversity, our people, our commitment and our values. We provide ample support and equal opportunity for :



Women in Trades and Technology

Mental Health

Truth and Reconciliation - 94 Calls to Action

Core Values

West Air Leadership Team (feat. Companions)

Sandy and Ersilia


Dedication, Hard Work and Sacrifice for future generations. Since 1981.

(feat. Dexter)

Tim, Tyler, Duane

General Manager, Estimator/Construction Manager, Superintendent

Construction Project Managers, Estimators, Subcontractor and Supplier Coordinators. Since 2022.



Strategy and Serving Teammates, Customers, Suppliers, Industry and Company Partners. Since 1999.

(feat. Helen)


VP of Operations and HVAC

Leadership and Expert Estimating, Quantity Surveying and Project Management. Since 2002.

(feat. Zero)


Book Keeping and Controller Support (Part Time)

Accounting, Credit, Financials and Human Resource Management Support. Since 2002.

(feat. Toby)


Office, Process and Safety Manager

Front of House, Systems, Process, Credit, Financials, Safety and Human Resource Officer. Since 2012.

(feat. Thumper)


Estimator/Construction Manager

Construction Project Manager, Estimator, Subcontractor and Supplier Coordinator. Since 2012.

(feat. Fizzle and Mitten)


Field Superintendent/Supervisor

Expert in all things HVAC and Technical Service. Client focused and worked on hundreds of projects. Since 1998.

(feat. Smoke)


Field Supervisor

Expert in all things HVAC. Client focused and able to help anywhere needed. Since 2016.

(feat. Ellie)

Minh, Jack and Gary

Fabrication Team Leaders

Attention to detail in Sheet Metal and Custom Fabrication to codes and customer requirements. Minh since 1986.

(feat. Findlay)

Tom, Tai, Charlie

Technical Service Leaders

Technical Service Leaders for various disciplines. Since 2020.