Why Team West Air?






High Efficiency Lighting

How it can benefit you.

High efficiency lighting is a very effective way to control your operating costs. It will give you a substantial reduction in consumption of electricity and substantial reduction in exposure to escalating carbon levels.

It will create a major increase in energy efficiency and is a very significant contributor to improved safety, productivity, and morale.
High efficiency lighting is a competitive differentiator.

Several Technology Choices

Light Emitting Diode>
Solar Fibre Optic
Solar Tube Daylighting
Prismatic Daylighting
Solar Hybrid


High Efficiency Assessment Program

Become more cost competitive in your industry and markets

With West Air’s high efficiency assessment program we can help you increase your energy efficiency, reduce your utility costs, reduce your carbon tax payments and maximize your participation in rebate programs. 

An Energy Efficiency Assessment Typical Report

Executive Summary
Current Setup
Current Operating Costs
Measurements and evaluations
Program Partners
Recommendations and benefits
Cost to implement
Return on investment analysis
Implementation plan

Mechanical & Electrical Services

West Air will reduce the cost and complexity of building and construction projects with a full suite of services to owners, builders, architects and construction managers. This suite includes design, project management, and modelling to services in plumbing, electrical, controls, fire suppression, insulation, cleaning, and more. West Air’s experts are motivated to work very closely with you to increase your competitiveness and margins while reducing risk.

The Conventional Contracting Model

Traditional construction method rely heavily on the general contractor to coordinate the tasks associated with each trade. As a result, every interaction leads back to the general contractor. The biggest problem is that there is usually little to no communication between the trades and the functions.

The West Air Model

West Air offers a unique management model that is centered on effective planning, coordination and communication. West Air acts as the meeting point between the general contractor and the tradesmen. As a result, West Air will shoulder the risk, coordinate for a well managed project and best of all – everything is done in house.


Custom Manufacturing

Creating missing pieces of a puzzle

If you are needing custom manufacturing, West Air  has you covered. Whatever unique project you need help with, we can do the manufacturing for it. We can cut and bend metal up to 1/4″ thick, co-manufacture heating, cooling and air handling equipment. If there is a need, we can find a way.