Accountable and Disciplined 40+ Years

West Air was launched in 1981 in Calgary, Alberta due to customer needs for Custom Ventilation construction goods and services. It was with the award of the Olympic Speed Skating Oval project in 1986 that West Air secured it's position in the market as an industry leader. The project was a difficult install that was completed under a tight budget and schedule. West Air has since worked for customers all over the world and has been retained as a SMACNA Sheet Metal Expert and Trainer in substantiation of costs, quality control, fabrication and installation expertise.

At West Air, Industrial steel products meet and most often exceed SMACNA and ASHRAE guidelines based on their intended usage. West Air DO NOT use lighter gauges or substandard steel product and coatings to provide lower pricing which increases popping, noise, difficulty in installation and leakage. West Air have always put quality as our priority, while also continuously improving our processes to lower prices.

In 2017, we added residential and commercial mechanical plumbing and gas to provide exceptional service now and for many years of after sales service through sustainable business processes in order to delight our team, customers and supply chains.